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Band Booster Committees


Pick a committee that interests you and contact the chairperson to get more details!


Concession/Food Committee

Chairperson: Lynn Watkins

Volunteers work closely with the chairperson to operate the concession stand at all events. This includes cooking, grilling, prepping, taking orders, etc. This committee also feeds band students at band camp and other events. This team really has fun working together!


Festival of Bands Committee

Chairperson: Lisa Wilke

The BSHS band hosts a large band festival each year called Festival of Bands (FOB), and it is a lot of fun for everyone! This festival is one of the biggest things we do, and a very important fundraiser for our band program. Many, many volunteers and helpers are needed for a wide variety of jobs to make it a success. Jobs include food concessions, ticket booth, water tent hosts, parking of spectator cars and band buses, director’s lounge hospitality, and many other volunteer opportunities. 

Click below for a complete list of festival jobs and job descriptions.


Hospitality Committee (Not related to festivals)

Chairperson: Becky Bishop

The volunteers on this committee are liaisons to new band parents, as well as parents/students in 9th grade and middle schools. This includes assigning veteran parents as mentors to new band parents, recruiting new members to attend booster meetings, and making sure all parents feel welcome to participate in booster and band activities. They also create and facilitate opportunities for BSHS band parents to get together and/or stay in touch at band events.


Meal Planning Committee

Chairperson: Lynn Watkins

Feeding and watering the ‘Dogs’ is a big job! This committee works together to arrange, order, and serve meals for students, staff and pit crew, while at home or while traveling.


Pit Crew Committee

Chairperson: Donnie Brown

These volunteers make sure all field equipment, props, instruments, first aid tent, first aid supplies, and water are loaded and transported to and from every competition and event.  At each band performance, they assemble/disassemble props, and assist with getting props and equipment on and off the field for each performance. Sometimes help is needed with constructing and painting props during pre-season.


Publicity Committee

Chairperson: Michele Thornton

This committee helps advertise all activities of the band and the Boosters such as fundraisers, festivals, competitions, awards, etc. via social media, flyers, banners, etc.


Retail/Merchandise Committee

Chairperson: Brenda O’Bannon

Volunteers are needed to help sell merchandise (t-shirts, hats, decals, etc) at all home football games, special events, and BSHS festivals.



Sponsorship/Donations Committee

Chairperson: Valecia Whitfield

Chairperson organizes information related to band/student sponsorships, and provides forms, instruction and information to sponsors and booster president. Committee members work together to assist chairperson with locating corporate and community sponsors to benefit the BSHS band program.


Student Travel Committee

Chairperson: Susan Herbert

This committee consists of all chaperones. They work closely with the committee chairperson and Mr. Stepp to obtain information regarding bus rosters, sign-out sheets, and chaperone assignments and duties. All chaperones must submit a SLED check form to the district each school year prior to being approved. The forms can be located on the district website, the booster website, and Charms.


Uniform Committee

Chairperson: Marjorie Doolittle

It takes a lot of helpers to keep our students looking great in their uniforms! Help is needed with washing, alterations, and mending; as well as fitting students at the beginning of each season.


Ways and Means Committee

Chairperson: Jon Doolittle

This committee plans and arranges most fundraising events, with the exception of festivals. Volunteers are needed to help facilitate details for fundraising projects such as car washes, Boston Butt cooking, etc. The chairperson of this committee also functions as the primary point of contact for any new fundraising ideas and proposals.

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