Welcome to the Family!

We would like to welcome all new parents and students to the Bands of Boiling Springs!

Whether you are transitioning from a middle school band program or transferring to Boiling Springs from elsewhere, entering a large band program can be intimidating and overwhelming. 

This website has information about the various band programs that are available at Boiling Springs High School, and we encourage you to bookmark this site so you can easily use it as one of your sources of information throughout the school year. 

If you have questions about anything, do not hesitate to ask any of the veteran band parents or booster board members. We know how it feels to be new to this band program and we are happy to help.

  • Student Pick-up: It is extremely important that no one park in any of the driveway areas to wait for students. Please park in the parking lot. 

  • Your child will receive handouts from the band directors - please ask weekly if they have anything new. Even the most responsible students get busy and forget to dig things out of their bag.

  • Before they leave the house for rehearsal or a performance make sure they ask themselves, “Do I have EVERYTHING I need?”. 

  • Our band directors try very hard to end practice at the scheduled time. Occasionally practice may run over. Please be patient … if this happens it is for a very good reason.

  • Always be prepared for changes and try to be flexible.

  • Network – Take the opportunity to meet other parents at booster meetings and by volunteering for band events. This is how we all met each other. It is also the best way to get helpful hints on band parenting from others.

  • Check the web site and Facebook pages often.

Countdown to Band Camp Coming Soon:

Mailing Address:

Boiling Springs Band Booster

P.O. Box 160098

Boiling Springs, SC   29316

Director of Bands

Bobby Cotter


(864) 578-8465 ext. 1448

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