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The Boiling Springs Band program provides positive, life-changing experiences for students and their families, as well as college scholarship opportunities. The band experience is often the highlight of a student’s high school years.


Each year the school district only provides the Boiling Springs High School band program with approximately 15% of our annual operating budget. In order to meet the expectations that parents, students, and the community have for our program, it takes more than what the school district is able to provide.  The remainder of the funds needed each year come from fees paid by the students, our sponsors, and various fundraising initiatives. The band booster organization works hard at fundraising in order to keep the student’s band fees as reasonable as possible.


We hope you will consider helping us by selecting one of our tax-deductible sponsorships so that we may continue to provide memories that will last a lifetime for the talented, dedicated, and hardworking students who participate in the Bands of Boiling Springs.

Sponsorship 2022.JPG

For sponsorship completion, please choose one of the following options that is most convenient for you:

  • Click on the button below to download, print, and complete a sponsorship form and submit with payment to Valecia Whitfield or Tyler Scarabino.


  • Visit the Sponsorship Online Payment tab on this website to complete the sponsorship form and payment online. A receipt will be emailed to you immediately after payment is made.

If you need assistance or have questions about our sponsorship's, please contact Valecia Whitfield, at 

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