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Welcome to the Boiling Springs High School Color Guard program! The guard program consists of two performing ensembles; the fall guard is an integral part of the marching band, while the winter guard program competes after marching band season ends.  Color guard auditions are open to all interested students. No prior experience is required. Members are chosen by our color guard staff.  The ultimate goal of the entire program is to provide our students with a lifelong understanding and appreciation for music, dance, and all the performing arts.


Marching Season – July Through November

During the marching season, the color guard uses equipment (e.g. flag work, sabers, and rifles), dance and marching routines to enhance and add color to the show. They perform during band competitions on weekends, and also at non-competitive events such as football games and halftime shows.  Color guard is very exciting for the students and parent spectators alike!


For parents and/or prospective color guard members:

A call sheet, listing performance times and other information, is sent out each week.  It is very important that you read all emails coming from the band. The color guard is part of the band, therefore, if you receive an email that the band has practice, you should understand that means color guard and band; they are not separate. There will be several weekend practices during the season called MINI CAMPS, where everyone participates. 

Winter Guard Season – Late November Through March

  • Winter Guard auditions occur in late November or early December.

  • Winter Guard is a color guard unit that performs competitively in a gym.

  • There are approximately 5 competitions from Late January through late March. They are on Saturdays; some of the competitions are local and some require travel.

  • There is a separate fee for Winter Guard.   

Schedule Commitments for Students

Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances. If there is a situation that will prevent this, an excuse must be filled out BEFOREHAND. After-school rehearsals are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

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