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Parent Help Needed! 


Food Donations:

​We need food donations for band camp! Click on the link below to select what food you would like to donate. Mr. Scarabino's office hours are 10-4 the week of July 10-14 and 9-5 the week of July 17-21. You can drop off food at his office. If you need to drop off outside of those hours, please reach out to a board member! 





Food Prep and Serving:

We also need 10-12 volunteers each night to help prep food, serve to band students, and help with clean up. We will need 4 people to help prep food. They need to arrive by 2 pm. We will need 8 people to help serve and help with clean up. They will need to work from 4-7 pm. Click on the link below to sign up!

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